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Customer Satisfaction Measurement Using Market Research

Client need:
Our client is a non-profit-making charitable company, which works for the benefit of its student consumers.  Each year they help over 20,000 college and university students to find somewhere to live across a variety of locations.  Through developing strategic partnerships with housing suppliers, our client has been able to develop purpose-converted, high quality accommodation specifically for students.  Without objective measures though, it is impossible to judge how much progress is being made and what the body of student opinion is.  Our client wanted a robust, detailed method of surveying opinion that would allow comparisons in time as well as location/area.

Market research objectives:
To host, analyse and manage annual student accommodation surveys, measuring absolute perceptions of performance across a variety of dimensions.
To compare these measures where appropriate with those from previous surveys as well as contrasting differences between locations.

The study is quantitative, satisfaction against pre-defined issues which themselves were determined using focus groups.  The survey itself was bespoke for our client and was hosted on our web site.  Student recruitment was effected using bulk email with up to the minute response rates being tracked on line.  This facility was made available to the client as one of many added value services.

Key outcomes:
Because of the nature of this survey, there are over 160 different issues where satisfaction is sampled.  Overall themes range from facilities and amenities at the location of residence, through security and neighbourhood issues to satisfaction with site management and recommendation rates.  Long-term measurement shows a variety of different responses, and assessments of the importance of those issues are also made to allow the client to allocate resource effectively.

This market research has been carried out annually since 2004 and there are demonstrable areas where changes have been made as a result of the feedback gained.  Examples include security, lighting, IT facilities and refurbishment requirements to name but a few.  That this is an established, annual survey is ample demonstration of its worth to our client.

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