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Getting Maximum Benefit From Your University Accommodation Survey

Do you know how secure your students feel?  Do you know how satisfied your students are with the university catering?  And do you know how they feel about the laundry facilities?

These are just a few of the key areas that impact students’ satisfaction with their time at university.  And in the highly competitive world of higher education, student satisfaction is a vital cornerstone in achieving any university’s strategic goals. 

A lack of knowledge in any of these areas might mean that important decisions are being made about student university accommodation, based on limited or incorrect information.  Worse still, this could be costing unnecessary money and having little impact on the quality of the student experience.

Curtis Associates Research can help you to answer these questions and many more, helping you to get to the heart of what your students really think about their university accommodation and how satisfied they are with the facilities provided

Developed over the past 10 years in conjunction with leading universities, the Curtis Associates Research Ltd, Student Accommodation Survey provides

To allow you to decide the importance and impact of our work for yourself, we’ve prepared a specimen report which you can download by clicking below.

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