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Keeping track of who’s on holiday, or who’s coming to which meeting or function is very time consuming and demands huge attention to detail. 

And the bigger the group, the more demanding it becomes.  Even worse, if you’re using a paper system to get visibility of who’s where and when, you’ll understand how complicated and open to mistakes things can become!

Our solution is simplicity itself!…..

The Curtis Associates Occupancy Planner was originally designed for Universities to keep track of occupancy in halls of residence during holiday periods, but it has many other applications.  For instance, if you need to know the availability of conference facilities, or if you need to keep track of empty rooms for security or maintenance, then this product could help you.

The online system allows people to confirm holiday periods, meeting attendance, event attendance etc., using any internet connection, mobile or otherwise.

The system takes start and end dates of holidays (or occupancy of rooms etc.) and combines this with any other known data (e.g. location, email address, department etc.), to produce both high level and detailed views of occupancy.  It can also take a fixed date and accept an invitation to produce a final, confirmed list for meetings or functions.

The information is stored in a database ready for exporting directly into Excel.  The exports, which are compiled in real time, are not only displayed in a graphical form, but can also be sent to any person or group of people.

Our system has been tested on groups larger than 4000 people and has been shown to be very robust.  It works on all commonly used web browsers and has been of great value to users.

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