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Market Sizing Using Database Management

Client needs:
During the previous year, our client, which was part of a government owned business development organization, had built a network of contacts within random small and medium sized enterprises in their region.  One of the key markets in the region was agriculture, and funding had been made available from the EU to promote and market that industry.  However, in order to apply for funding from the European Union, there was a need to produce various statistics in order to support the claim for funding.

Database management needs:
The business database that had been generated by our client company was incomplete for the region, and did not contain the information required for completion of the funding application.  Our client’s requirement was to be able to procure a database for the region that was not only complete, but also contained sufficient information for funding and was able to receive supplementary data that they had generated. 

Key outcomes:
After some very detailed database manipulation we were able to deliver back to our client everything they needed to complete a successful application for EU funding.  However, further than this, the database delivered back to our client proved useful in their own prospecting and customer generation activities. 

The client benefited directly from our database management skills, receiving not only a funding package but also a current database from which to concentrate on prospecting to further their own activities.

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